The Solution

The simple formula that is revolutionizing how photographers value their photographs:


CPP is the cents per pixel rate assigned to the image. PX is the length of the longest side of the image in pixels. $ is the price. 

The Pixel Cents Formula is the simple, easy way to value your photographs for personal, advertising, editorial and corporate use. It was originally created to help wedding and portrait photographers value their digital files and now has industry standard CPP rates for pricing all photo uses. Interested in more information? Read the book!


An excerpt from “Pixel Cents – The Solution to Selling Digital Files for Photographers Around the World”


A few years ago, I began to notice at conventions, workshops and online a lot of photographer’s questions and concerns regarding selling digital files were being asked over and over. I wondered why they were having such a tough time getting answers. I realized the information they were looking for didn’t really exist: How to sell digital files.
The established pros continued to rely on their traditional business model and weren’t selling digital files, while the newer generation of photographers were struggling to figure out how to profit selling digital files – with no one to give them the tried-and-true advice they were looking for. I thought to myself, this shift in the industry isn’t going away. The photography market has changed and if we don’t adapt our business model quickly to embrace this new product being requested, we’re all going to be in a lot of trouble. After extensively researching the issue and not finding anyone offering a solution – I decided to work on the problem myself.
Pixel Cents is my solution for all those photographers struggling with the best way to sell digital files. It has the answer for those long-time pros who are wondering if they should be selling files in their portrait business; and is the answer for emerging pros who are wondering how to make a living in this business.

This book begins with a brief explanation of how photographers have run successful, profitable companies in the past. I then outline the changes we need to make in our business practices to make sure that being a professional photographer continues to be a prestigious and rewarding way
to make a living. And finally, I provide you with a mathematical formula for assigning a value to your digital files – whether you’re selling them to portrait clients for personal use or a local business for commercial use.
Photographers can increase their sales, improve their bottom lines and sell their digital files all while maintaining a sustainable photography business and their integrity as an artist.

Let me show you how.



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