Hey! I'm Melissa Welsh. I'm a National Award-Winning
Portrait, Wedding & Commercial Photographer.

I'm here to show you through my own successes &
failures how to confidently price your work and
build a better photography business.
Let me help you build a
better photography business.
Our purpose is to educate and empower photographers, so they can be compensated fairly for their work. Pixel Cents believes that knowledge builds confidence, and with confidence, photography can continue to be a sustainable way to make a living.

Melissa Welsh is a National Award Winning photographer and the founder and CEO of Pixel Cents. After years of watching her fellow photographers struggle to adapt old business practices with new technology - she began to work on a solution. Melissa created the Pixelcents formula, wrote a book and created software that is helping photographers improve their income, their lifestyle and both! 

Melissa is a committed volunteer and dedicates much of her time promoting positive change in the photography industry. In the past few years she has served as the B.C. President of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC), the Communications Chair for the PPOC and the chair of the PPOC Island Branch. She is also a PPA member.

When Melissa is not working or volunteering, you will find her adventuring on Vancouver Island with her husband and two young children.

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