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Business & Pricing Strategy Software for Photographers

Do you wish you were making more money in your photography business? Or are you struggling with your work/life balance?

I get it…

In fact, I have totally been there.

In 2015, I celebrated my 10th year in business. It was also the year I gave birth to my second child. 6 months after going back to work, I ran my numbers and just about had a break-down.

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I was exhausted.

I was working harder than I ever had in my life and I realized that year I wasn’t going to bring a single penny home to my family.

How could I have possibly worked so much, so hard and not have anything to show for it?

It would have been easy to blame the state of the industry, or other photographers for their low prices.

Instead, I looked in the mirror…and was really damn honest with myself.

For 10 years I somehow managed to survive running my business like a photographer.

But times had changed, I had more responsibilities and

I needed to be running my business like a BAD-ASS ENTREPRENEUR

So, I dove deep into my numbers and in one year I: 

Reduced my hours to 26 a week, hired two staff, took 4 weeks vacation and more than

Doubled my sales ($48,563 to $117,184)

Now, I knew I wasn’t the only one in our industry feeling overworked and underpaid…

So I reached out to help some other photographers with their business and pricing.

And they started seeing results too.

 “Man, I can’t express how grateful I am for this program. I’ve taken several business courses in the past – spent over $6000 on education for photography businesses exclusively and none have been as elaborate and as broken down into bite-sized pieces as this. I urge everyone to take the next step – as a hobbyist or full-time professional – know your numbers! You’ll be just as grateful as I am now in my 14th year as a creative professional and 7th year as a full-time national awarding winning photographer.

~ Jeff Noon, Medicine Hat, AB


In fact, the feedback from them was so over-the-top…that I got a crazy idea…

You see, at this point, I had already developed the Pixelcents Formula to help photographers place a value on their intellectual property (a.k.a. the formula for pricing digital files). I had written a book and had developed an iOS app that photographers were using in 22 countries around the world.

I had been giving talks on pricing and photographers were telling me that

my method for pricing was “Brilliant” and was “Going to Save the Industry”.

Seriously. I didn’t make that up!

So – I decided I was going to build the ultimate Pricing Strategy Software for Photographers that incorporated their own lifestyle and financial goals. It would be complete with a ton of business analytics that would become the foundation of every photographer’s business. 

And then I built it. 

 Nothing like this program exists anywhere.


Whether you are an emerging pro who is just getting serious about their business or an established pro who wants to take their company to the next level – Pixelcents will give you the strategy you need to make it happen.

  • If you need to bring home $80,000 in income to your household – how much should you be charging for your 8×10?

  • You’re going to find out exactly what YOU should be charging. And Pixelcents Pricing Software is going to walk you through it, step-by-step.

  • How do you go from working 40 hours a week to 30, but still bring home the same amount of money? Guess what? It’s can help you with that one too.

  • Ever wonder why you haven’t seen any major increases in your salary in the past few years? It can help you identify the areas in your business that may be holding back

  • Are you spending enough on advertising? It compares AND tracks your cost of doing business to the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) benchmarks

  • Do you ever wonder what you should charge for different types of photo use? It has industry standard pricing for all types of commercial licensing and personal use – so you never have to ask facebook again.

There is nothing you can spend money on this year that will have the same kind of impact on your bottom line.

Your business intelligence dashboard is populated with your weekly, quarterly and annual goals + what your hourly billing rate should be to meet your goals (vs. what it actually is)

No more second-guessing your prices!

With our pricing strategy software for photographers – you can finally have peace-of-mind knowing all the numbers in your business. Feel more confident then ever when you present your prices to your clients…because you know exactly WHY you’re charging what you are.

So, how does it work?

Let me show you:

1. First, you’ll fill out your “My Numbers” section, so that your prices are sustainable…taking into account every aspect of your life and business. You’ll complete your financial goals for your personal life and your business and you’ll be able to see how your spending stacks up against industry standards. Most importantly you’ll KNOW all the most important numbers in your business: Hourly Billing-Rate, Weekly Revenue Goal, Minimum Sale, Daily Cost of Doing Business, CPPx Rate and more.

2. Use Price-a-Photo when you get asked for different types of photo use (Corporate/Branding, Advertising, Personal & Editorial) so that you know the low, average and high price when quoting and choose the industry standard rate that makes the most sense for the type of photo and your financial goals.

3. Feed My Donkey – This is where you’re going to report your hours, sales and expenses…so that the software can give you feedback on how your business is doing. Are you under quoting jobs? Is your workflow getting away from you? Are you having trouble in the sales room? Your business intelligence dashboard will be full of insights so you can address any challenges you may be having. And of course – by keeping your reporting up to date – you’ll keep your donkey fed and happy!

4. Say goodbye to pricing and business anxiety…and HELLO, CONFIDENCE & EMPOWERMENT. Pixelcents is the springboard that is going to launch you into the prime of your career.

 Did I mention there is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee?

Yeah, For REAL!

Creative people notoriously undervalue their work.

If you hired a business coach to create a personalized business and pricing strategy – you would spend thousands of dollars.

For $25 a month – you can become a member of Pixelcents and have peace of mind of that you know your numbers and are building the career of your dreams.

Your time and photos are worth more than you think!

Melissa Welsh is a National Award Winning photographer and the founder and CEO of Pixel Cents. After years of watching her fellow photographers struggle to adapt old business practices with new technology - she began to work on a solution. Melissa created the Pixelcents formula, wrote a book and created software that is helping photographers improve their income, their lifestyle and both! 

Melissa is a committed volunteer and dedicates much of her time promoting positive change in the photography industry. In the past few years she has served as the B.C. President of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC), the Communications Chair for the PPOC and the chair of the PPOC Island Branch. She is also a PPA member.

When Melissa is not working or volunteering, you will find her adventuring on Vancouver Island with her husband and two young children.

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