Let me help you be
fairly compensated for your work.
and build a sustainable business. confidently price your work Hey! I'm Melissa Welsh.
I'm a National Award-Winning Portrait,
Wedding & Commercial Photographer.

I'm here to show you how to
Game-changing system that's revolutionizing how photographers
price their work and grow their business
The Revolutionary Photo Pricing Method. Explained.
• Acknowledge that the photography business of the past is dead and why you
need to change.

•Understand why my 5-step process for selling digital files should be the
new industry standard.

• Learn how to clearly communicate the value of a digital file with your clients -
I even give you the words that work for me!
Understand how the age of digital photos has impacted the
photography industry, and why pricing methods need to change
for any of us to survive.
Pixel Cents has all the info you need without becoming
overwhelming. Every time I had a question pop in my
mind, Melissa answered it. Well done!

~ Heather Goldsworthy, Photographer
A Custom Business Strategy So You Know How to Value YOUR Time!
• Determine the right prices for YOUR session fees and/or
hourly rates, digital files & rates.

• Design the perfect business model for YOUR lifestyle.

• Bite-sized goals to keep you focused.
Essential software for confident photographers.
"I urge everyone to take the next step - as a hobbyist
or full-time pro - know your numbers!"

Jeff Noon - National Award-Winning Photographer
Industry Standard Photo Pricing so You Can Value Your Intellectual Property
• Know if you’re charging too much or too little.

• Compete locally or internationally with global pricing data.

• Feel confident quoting industry standard prices for corporate, editorial,
advertising or personal use.
For any photographer who wants to know the fair value of their photos.
"Holy Sh*t…The CPPx concept provides a much needed
solution for both portrait and commercial
photographers. Spectacular work!"

Nikon Ambassador - Craig Minielly
100% Money-back Guarantee We're so confident in our software that we'll give you a full 365 days to put it to the test.
If you have completed all the sections, and after 6 months aren't on track to make more
money then you did last year - we'll refund your money.

Melissa Welsh is a National Award Winning photographer and the founder and CEO of Pixel Cents. After years of watching her fellow photographers struggle to adapt old business practices with new technology - she began to work on a solution. Melissa created the Pixelcents formula, wrote a book and created software that is helping photographers improve their income, their lifestyle and both!

Melissa is a committed volunteer and dedicates much of her time promoting positive change in the photography industry. In the past few years she has served as the B.C. President of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC), the Communications Chair for the PPOC and the chair of the PPOC Island Branch. She is also a PPA member.

When Melissa is not working or volunteering, you will find her adventuring in the Kootenays with her husband and two young children.

Awards & Honours

Melissa is a member of

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