3 Steps for Creating your Photo Price List

For the first 10 years of my business, I obsessed about my photo price list. Was it laid out right? Was the design pretty? Did I choose the right photos? Are my prints and packages in the right order?

“My Playground” won the 2017 Best Child Portrait in BC!

I asked myself a million questions and tried something different every single year…but I never seemed to sell anything different and I never seemed to make that much more money.

The one question I never asked myself was…

What is my pricing strategy?

OMG seriously. I ran my business for 10 years without a pricing strategy you guys! And honestly, I didn’t know I needed one.

I never, ever sold my biggest package, I pretty much always sold my smallest. My family portrait sales sat around $350 and my wedding packages were on average $2500.

Then after a couple of months of reading and trying to figure out what I was missing…a big ol’ light bulb went off and it changed EVERYTHING in my business.

In this weeks episode, I dive into how to turn the most important numbers in your business…into a photo pricing strategy. But just a heads up that before you implement this…you absolutely have to be 100% rock-solid when it comes to the numbers in your business. If you try to create your photo price list or pricing strategy without having those numbers nailed…there will be a lot more painful trial and error before you start to experience that success you’re chasing. Don’t leave your numbers to luck!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Which package or product should be your minimum sale
  2. Which package or product do you incentivize
  3. What package or product do you mention on the phone or in an email


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