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3 Things to Put in Your Client Newsletter

I’ve been sending out a newsletter for a few years now. I think it’s a great way to stay top of mind with your clients and nourish your relationship with them.

I tend to keep mine pretty simple and to the point. So, incase you’re not doing this in your business, here is my 3 part formula for what I send out on a monthly basis.

  1. Something interesting/newsworthy/editorial type content…for them. Ex. Your latest award (btw do awards matter?),  Tips for iPhone photos of their fish, Why are headshots important? Basically, you’re looking for some sort of general interest editorial content for your clients.
  2. Latest session – Or latest Fav session. Here’s the spot to do a little bit of bragging…Remember – only show the types of jobs you want to attract more of!
  3. Special/Sale/Promotion with a call to action! Let them know what you have on the go…and tell them what to do (CALL? EMAIL?) and most importantly, create some urgency (ex. book by …. or only 2 spots left!).

Oh and an extra tip – Don’t post a ton of text or entire articles in your newsletter – post a link to your blog where people can read the rest of the article if they’re interested. If they open it up and it goes on forever…you’ll lose them!

Here’s a quick screen shot of newsletter we sent out earlier this year.

And finally, make sure you do this every month! Remember, the whole point is to build and/or nourish your relationship with your clients and potential clients and to keep your business top of mind!

Do you have any other newsletter ideas? Share them with the rest of us below!

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