7 Business Apps Every Photographer Should Use

Being an entrepreneur requires a tremendous amount of juggling. So we put together a list of photographer business apps we think will help make your work-life a whole lot easier!

1. Omni Disk Sweeper – How often do you get that dreaded “your startup disk is full” pop-up? Check out omni disk sweeper for mac or pc to identify large files that are causing you pain!

2. Later – Having a beautiful Instagram feed is so important these days…but you can’t be obsessing about it for hours and hours! Later is an app that allows you to curate your feed, template your hashtags, schedule your posts…and save you time!

3. Agorapulse – Want to take your social media consistency to the next level? Or are you running a number of different feeds? Scheduling ALL (twitter, linkedin, facebook, instagram, google +) of your social media content will change your life. And by changing your life – we mean, freeing up time so you can do other stuff – like make money…or hang out with friends!

4. Evernote – Collect hashtags, wedding shot lists, write grocery lists…lists, lists, lists…we LOVE lists!

5. Google Drive – Organization! We think google drive is the perfect place to keep all of your business documents…so they are accessible from everywhere and you can easily share with collaborators. Policies, employee descriptions, forms, text for marketing material…you name it!

6. Slack – Messaging app for projects. Planning a big shoot? Create a slack channel and coordinate with other vendors, models etc!

7. Pixel Cents Business App Hey – that’s us! There are lots of tools to help you work in your business – but we want to help you work ON your business. Our business app is like a cost of doing business calculator on steroids…crossed with a business coach & a photo pricing calculator! We help you answer questions like:

If I need to bring home $80,000 to my household – how much should I be charging for my 8×10? or How do I go from working 40 hours a week to 30, but still bring home the same amount of money?

We help you: connect your lifestyle and financial goals to your product and service pricing, give you industry-standard pricing for image licensing (so you know what to charge!)…all so you can improve your income and feel better about your business. Your photos and time are worth more than you think!




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