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5 things to know when pricing an Influencer Photo Shoot

3 Ways to be more competitive in your photography business

The last time I second-guessed my photography prices

How to set up a payment plan that will help your clients say YES!

How to raise my photography prices

The Ultimate 2018 Photographers Conference, Workshop and Seminar List

Cost of Doing Business Calculator – NPPA vs. Pixelcents

Pricing Your Photography in 2018 – Everything you need to know


Marketing your photography business – What should you spend?

How to price Instagram photo use

7 Business apps every photographer should use

Copyright – What you need to know if you’re a photographer?

Photo license – What on Earth is That?

14 Steps for Planning a Photography Show

Creative Juice:Yosemite – Seduced by a Landscape 

3 Things to put in your client Newsletter

How to Price a Commercial Photography Job

Five Wild and Not-so-Crazy things I did to have my best year ever


VIDEO: How to sell your largest wedding album

How to price a photograph so you can live the dream

VIDEO: How to implement a referral program

What if Sue Bryce was wrong

VIDEO: 3 things you can do to transition to In-person Sales (IPS)

Non-billable hours: What are they and how do I charge for them

VIDEO: Intro and thinking about In-person Sales (IPS)

What if being a starving artist wasn’t a thing

Why the old boys club was kinda cool

How we can change the state of the photography industry

In-Person Sales: 3 easy steps to transition your photography business

Why switching to In-Person Sales doesn’t mean you’ll be successful

How my own struggles inspired Pixel Cents

How to price your photos so that you can make more money


Why did BC Photo hub want to talk to me?

Digital Files – What are they worth?



The 5 things you must know if you are selling digital files

Creating a new niche in your photography business


9 Tips for Building a Sustainable Photography Business


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