Best Practices

"Man, I can't express how grateful I am for numburu. I've taken several business courses in the past - spent over $6000 on education for photography businesses exclusively and none have been as elaborate and as broken down into bitesized pieces as this. If you are at all serious about making a profitable living through the business of photography, this program is a must! Knowing your numbers is the only way to know how to succeed working the hours you want to work, selling what your clients want, and not giving away anything that was designed to make you, the "future you" and your family money.

I urge everyone to consider this program to take the next step - as a hobbiest or full time professional - know your numbers! You'll be just as grateful as I am now in my 14th year as a creative professional and 7th year as a full time national awarding winning photographer."

~ Jeff Noon, Jeff Noon Portrait Art & Design

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