Figure out your prices, compare to industry standards, and keep track of how you’re doing so you can feel better about your business!


Wondering what the story is with this Pricing Software for Photographers?…

About a year and a half ago, I went back to work after having my second baby. I was suffering from some major mommy-guilt around having my daughter in daycare and decided that I needed to change the way I had been running my business. I dug deep into my numbers and long story short – that year I reduced my hours to 28 a week, hired two staff and increased my sales 107%.

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Now, I knew I wasn’t the only one in our industry feeling overworked and underpaid…so I reached out to help some other photographers. The feedback from them was so encouraging…that I decided to turn the system into an accessible piece of software for photographers.

For the last 10 months, I have been working with developers to create this pricing software for photographers. It helps you connect your pricing to your financial goals…For example:

If you need to bring home $80,000 to your household – how much should you be charging for your 8×10?

Our program will tell you!

How do you go from working 40 hours a week to 30, but still bring home the same amount of money?

Our program will show you how to change your pricing to make it happen! It will also help you identify the areas in your business that may be holding back!

It also compares your numbers to the PPA benchmarks – so you can see where you are over or under spending. It has industry standard pricing for commercial licensing and personal use – so you never have to ask facebook again how much to charge for something! It also has a business intelligence dashboard – so you can see your weekly, quarterly and annual goals + what your hourly billing rate should be vs. what it actually is! Plus, plus, plus a whole lot more.

So, this is where I need YOU.

You see, I’ve been building this software based on what I’ve always needed in my business and I feel like it’s pretty solid. But now, I need help making it AWESOME…by incorporating what you need in your business.

So will you help me? I am looking for motivated photographers who want to feel better about their numbers AND contribute to a product that is empowering photographers to work smarter, not harder and as a bonus, will have a positive impact on the photographic industry!

You can sign up now to request early access and be a beta-tester!

We’ll be rolling out access to small groups of photographers at a time. And since we’re excited to work with the most excited, committed photographers, the higher up on the list you are – the sooner you’ll get access!

So here’s what you need to do:

1. Sign up now to request early access…
2. Share the links with your other photographer friends and colleagues (Because we all know at least one other photographer who could use a confidence boost when it comes to their prices!)
3. Check in every few days to see where you are on the list.

We’ll be collecting names until the end of October and rolling out access the first week of November.

I can’t say thank you enough. I’m so excited to get your help perfecting this!



"Man, I can't express how grateful I am for numburu. I've taken several business courses in the past - spent over $6000 on education for photography businesses exclusively and none have been as elaborate and as broken down into bitesized pieces as this. If you are at all serious about making a profitable living through the business of photography, this program is a must! Knowing your numbers is the only way to know how to succeed working the hours you want to work, selling what your clients want, and not giving away anything that was designed to make you, the "future you" and your family money.

I urge everyone to consider this program to take the next step - as a hobbiest or full time professional - know your numbers! You'll be just as grateful as I am now in my 14th year as a creative professional and 7th year as a full time national awarding winning photographer."

~ Jeff Noon, Jeff Noon Portrait Art & Design