Engaging. Authentic. Inspiring.
~ Marlene Fast, HLM, MPA, SPA, F/Ph Melissa is probably the only speaker I've seen that made 'numbers' interesting and easy to understand
Your Next Speaker: Melissa Welsh

Melissa is a National Award-Winning Master Photographer, Adventurer, Entrepreneur & Educator. Since founding her company in 2005, she has made a living through wedding, portrait, commercial, fine-art and adventure lifestyle photography.

She started her twenty-year career working in camera shops, labs & darkrooms as a teenager. She has gone on to own a photo gallery, publish books and magazines, authored a book for photographers and has recently revolutionized the global photo pricing system with her new software. Her vast experience in the photographic industry gives her a unique perspective and puts her in a prime position to speak about many aspects of the being a professional photographer.

Her speaking style is fun, energetic and transparent. Her programs are jam-packed with value.

She's overall, pretty fantastic.

Check out her example programs below.

The 5 Things I Did to Have My Best Year Ever Work Smarter, Not Harder
In 2016, Melissa Welsh was determined to get her
business running like a well-oiled-machine.
In one year she doubled her revenue, hired two staff,
took 4 weeks vacation and only worked 26 hours a
In this presentation, Melissa will share with you
the 5 things you can do to take your business to the
next level including a deep-dive into your cost of
doing business and a contemporary way of pricing
your products and services.
• The method for sustainably pricing digital files. • Language to use when communicating value • The two things that are sabotaging
your business
• New industry business practices • Not just the “what” - but the “why it matters” Photographer Take-aways
~ Kelsey Goodwin, KGOODPHOTO Melissa’s 'work smarter, not harder' blew me away! It was one of the most necessary and well-presented
talks on knowing your numbers I’ve seen in a long time.
Competing With Value Instead of Price Sales Strategies
In one season, Melissa took her wedding business
to a whole other level. She went from an average
sale of $3000 to a MINIMUM sale of $6000. Instead
of competing on price, she leveraged her strengths
and competed with value. Let Melissa show you
what, how and WHY she did it while teaching you
how she sold a wedding album to 100% of her clients.
• How to do in-person sales for your wedding
clients - the very next day
• Step-by-step process for selling wedding albums • How to leverage your strengths • Why competing on value is better for
Photographer Take-aways
~ Chelsea Jones, Vitality Images Photography During Melissa's talk, the blinders came off. Her unique strategies for pricing, adding value, payment plans,
and in person sales made perfect sense. I would highly recommend her programs. Thank you Melissa for
helping me make my business more viable and special!
The 5 Elements of My Creative Process Making of a Photograph
Join Melissa, as she takes you on a journey through
her process and influence when creating
photographs. She'll share with you the what, the
why and how after more than 15 years of making
photographs, returning to the basics helped
bring her work to the next level.
• How to go from creating good to great photographs • Why the basic rules aren't just for beginners • How to make your work stand-out • Practical field tips for creating better
Photographer Take-aways
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