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Good Bye Pricelist. Hello Pricing Strategy.

Create a pricing strategy directly connected to your personal and business financial goals.

In-depth Personal & Business Budgets

Create your personal budget (for your entire household), and your Cost of Doing Business and figure out exactly what you need to be charging (to the cent!) to meet YOUR financial and lifestyle goals. 

Business Intelligence Dashboard.

Compare your budget to the Professional Photographers of America benchmarks and see all the most important numbers in your business in one place.

Increase Your Confidence.

Know exactly what you need to charge for your sessions, retouching and build collections based on the true value of your products. 

See the big picture of how
your business is performing
with our business intelligence

Identify challenges in your
workflow or marketing to
help keep you focused on
what will actually make you
more money.

Annual goals are broken
down to bite-sized daily, weekly
and quarterly numbers to keep
them attainable.
Run your business
like an
Hello, Pricing
Figure exactly the
least amount of money
you should be charging
for each product you
produce, based on your

Calculate the suggested
price of the product
based on your experience
in the industry.
Good-bye Pricelist.
Figure out exactly how
many clients you need
per session type,
depending on how much
you want to be shooting
that type of work.

Identify how far off your
current pricing strategy is
and make changes to
align your pricing with
with your financial
Be intentional
with your
Side by Side comparison




numburu + KYN

Best value!   

numburu + KYN +mentoring & motivation

Create YOUR own pricing strategy based on your business style (part-time, full-time low volume, high volume etc.)  

Know Your Numbers (KYN) On-line Course $499 value.


Access to Private Facebook Community “Pixel Cents Prime”


Weekly LIVE Q&A/ teaching sessions with Melissa.


Pixel Cents e-book


Monthly Group Mentoring Sessions


Private monthly coaching calls with Melissa



OTHER FEATURES: List your product line, and then see
suggested prices based on YOUR workflow,
financial goals and experience in the industry.

Build packages & collections and add value
using Gifts, Incentives & Promotions to
help motivate your clients to buy.

Easily discover what your minimum sales
goals, session fees, gross revenue goals and
more, should be in order to take home
the salary you’re dreaming of.

Peace of Mind knowing you finally
have this all figured out and on your way
to building a better photography business!
Create your own personal budget - so you
know exactly how much money to make to
support your desired lifestyle

Fill out your Cost of Doing Business and
with a click of a button see how your budget
compares to the PPA Benchmarks*.

Find out what your hourly billing rate
should be, based on how much YOU
want to work!

Find out what your retouching rate should
be, so you can be profitable.
/MONTH X 12 2nd year renew @ $8/mo $60
BEST VALUE! save 30% 2nd year renew @ $8/mo $499.00 numburu
/MONTH x12 $610.00 + private coaching
A deeper look at know your numbers (KYN)

Know Your Numbers On-line Course - $499

Melissa guides you through your personal & business numbers step-by-step in this 20+ video course. Increase your financial literacy and feel confident now that your price list is directly connected to your cost of doing business.

Access to Private Facebook Community “Pixel Cents Prime”.

Ask Questions. Get qualified answers from other photographers just as committed to running a profitable business.

Weekly LIVE Q&A/teaching sessions with Melissa Welsh.

Ask Melissa about any challenges you’re having with your business or your numbers.

Pixel Cents e-book

Learn about new industry standards for selling photos in the digital era and how to use the Pixel Cents pricing method.

Monthly group business mentoring sessions.

Meet once a month on-line with a business mentor to go over your numbers, your goals and what you’re doing to achieve them.


what photographers are saying

Man, I can't express how grateful I am for this program. I've taken several business courses in the past - spent over $6000 on education for photography businesses exclusively and none have been as elaborate and as broken down into bitesized pieces as this. If you are at all serious about making a profitable living through the business of photography, this program is a must! Knowing your numbers is the only way to know how to succeed working the hours you want to work, selling what your clients want, and not giving away anything that was designed to make you, the "future you" and your family money.

I urge everyone to consider this program to take the next step - as a hobbiest or full time professional - know your numbers! You'll be just as grateful as I am now in my 14th year as a creative professional and 7th year as a full time national awarding winning photographer.

~ Jeff Noon, Jeff Noon Portrait Art & Design


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