Cost of Doing Business Calculator – NPPA vs. Pixelcents

One of the most popular Cost of Doing Business Calculators for photographers is the one on the National Press Photographers (NPPA) website. This is a great free tool for someone who’s just getting started and wants a quick, ballpark figure on a few numbers.

You can take some time to fill out the form and at the end it will give you your Annual Expenses, Your Weekly Cost of Doing Business & Your Overhead for each assignment day. This is great info for the beginner…but then what? How do you take those numbers and set up your pricing strategy? What should you charge for your photo licenses? How do you know what to charge for a small job? Or a wedding? Or an 8×10?

Luckily, Pixelcents has the answer:

Cost of Doing Business Calculator

Pixelcents Cost of Doing Business Calculator

Simple, Easy-to-Use Photo License Calculator 

Business Intelligence Dashboard to Keep You in the Loop 

  • You can easily access all the most important numbers in your business with the Pixelcents Business Intelligence Dashboard. Your hourly cost of doing business, minimum sales goal, daily cost of doing business, gross revenue goals are all powered by the Pixelcents pricing engine and displayed clearly when you log in.

Product Pricing Breakdown to Give You Confidence

  • Pixelcents makes it very easy to see exactly what factors goes into pricing a product so you can feel confident when communicating your prices to your client. No more making your prices up!

Sales Strategy 

  • Have Pixelcents help you with your sales strategy (Gifts, Incentives & Promotions) so that you’re adding value to help your customers buy, instead of discounting.

Important Numbers for Your Marketing

  • Pixelcents can help you figure out exactly how many clients you need so that you are intentional with your marketing efforts and will meet your financial goals.

Far-Reaching Analytics & Feed My Donkey

  • Once you start reporting your hours, sales and expenses in the Feed My Donkey reporting section, Pixelcents automatically updates your dashboard so you know how your business is performing every month. This data is invaluable when analyzing your strengths and weaknesses and will allow you to make educated changes to your business.


  • 20+ instructional videos
  • Compare your Cost of Doing Business to the Professional Photographers of America Benchmark Budget
  • Hourly Billing Rate, Average Retouching Fee, Suggested Session Fee etc.
  • Product Pricing, Collection Builder & Goal Tracking
  • Access to the Private Facebook User Group & weekly LIVE Q&A – so you can ask questions and get qualified advice
  • And finally, Peace of Mind knowing you finally have this all figured out!

Pixelcents was created by Professional Photographer Melissa Welsh. Melissa has won awards for her commercial, wedding, portrait and fine art photography and has served as the President for the BC Region of the Professional Photographers of Canada. She was constantly second-guessed her pricing and it was her struggle that inspired Pixelcents and a new contemporary way of pricing photography.

Creative people notoriously undervalue their work.

At Pixelcents, we believe your time and photos are worth more than you think.


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