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What's Inside This Know Your Numbers Course: Everything You Need to Set up your Personal, Profitable Pricing Strategy

Exactly how do you build the foundation of a rock-solid photography business? 

We have the answer in the Pixelcents' Know Your Numbers Course.  

In this 20-video course, we'll walk you step-by-step through the specific numbers you need to know to set yourself up a pricing strategy that is 100% based on YOUR LIFESTYLE AND YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS. We also introduce pricing strategies that help in the sales room and thoughts for developing your product line.

We'll show you exactly what you should be charging for your 8x10 if you need to bring home $80,000 to your family... how to go from working 45 hours a week to 30 and still make the same amount of money... how to figure out why you haven't seen any major increases in your income in the last few years... and much more.  

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Wondering what to charge for a digital file? We'll tell you.

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As a new Pixelcents member, you can also figure out your cost of doing business budget and compare it to the Professional Photographers of America Benchmarks , figure out how many customers you need per session type, and even use our personal, profitable pricing engine to build a price list that will increase your confidence and sales in your business. 

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Simple, Easy-to-Use Photo License Calculator 

  • Pixelcents isn't just a cost-of-doing business calculator. It's also the best and simplest pricing tool for ensuring you are getting compensated fairly for corporate, editorial, advertising and personal use photo licenses.

Business Intelligence Dashboard to Keep you in the loop 

  • You can easily access all the most important numbers in your business with the Pixelcents Business Intelligence Dashboard. Your hourly cost of doing business, minimum sales goal, daily cost of doing business, gross revenue goals are all powered by the Pixelcents pricing engine and displayed clearly when you login.

Far-Reaching Analytics & Feed My Donkey  

  • Once you start reporting your hours, sales and expenses in the Feed My Donkey reporting section, Pixelcents automatically updates your dashboard so you know every month how your business is performing and can make adjustments and improvements to your business throughout the year.

With three kids and a business to run - time is limited and I love how easy you've made this. It really has come at the right time for me in my business. 

~ Jeff Noon | Jeff Noon Photographic Design

Product Pricing Breakdown to See Why You Need to Charge More

  • Pixelcents makes it very easy to see exactly what factors goes into pricing a product so you can feel confident when communicating your prices to your client.  

Gifts, Incentives & Promotions 

  • Have Pixelcents help you with your sales strategy so that you're adding value to help your customers buy, instead of discounting.

Important Numbers for your Marketing  

  • Pixelcents can help you figure out exactly how many clients your need so that you are intentional with your marketing efforts and will meet your financial goals.  

Get our Know Your Numbers Course, plus our top features, when you sign up for a Pixelcents account now.

Pixelcents was created by National Award-Winning Photographer and recipient of the Craftsman of Photographic Arts Designation, Melissa Welsh. After 10 years of struggling with pricing, Welsh created a contemporary pricing method that will help you improve your income, your lifestyle or both! 

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