How to Present Prices to Your Client

When to present prices to your clients or potential clients is one of those questions that will receive a million opinions if you asked any group of photographers.

Do you just put it all out there, on your website? Or send them a detailed price list via email?

Do you not have a price list at all?

How to present your price list to your clients.

This is a page from my “price list” in 2015….before I knew my numbers or what a “pricing strategy” was.

Regardless of everyone’s opinions, there are a number of things to be carefully considered when introducing prices to your potential clients.

In the latest episode of Photogreneur, a photographer asks:

How should I present my wedding prices? Do I present a simple price with no album with other additional products that will increase the price? Should I put my prices on my website?

These are fantastic questions. Once you’ve done all the work to figure out exactly what to be charging – the next thing to figure out is what is the best way to present this information to your clients. Whether you’re a wedding photographer or not, the information in this episode will have you thinking about how you handle the topic of pricing with your clients.

Key Take-aways:

The thing you need to embrace sooner-than-later

Should you have a price list on your website?

What is a concept sale and why is it harder than other types of sales?

How to Present Prices to Your Clients:


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