Price A Photo App by Pixel Cents: How to Use it

Are you new to using the FREE Price a photo app by Pixel Cents? Then this demo is for you!

The price-a-photo app was developed by Melissa Welsh after writing the book Pixel Cents: The solution for selling digital files for photographers around the world.

the free price-a-photo app by pixel cents

Her friend and colleague, Jillian Chateauneuf read the book and told her the new pricing method was brilliant. However,  she didn’t really like math…and either did a lot of photographers she knew…so she suggested Melissa make a tool.

And she did!

The Pixel Cents app has seen a few different versions over the past couple of years, a web page calculator and a paid iOS app. It’s latest and greatest version is a web app – that everyone can use, regardless of the type of device they are using…and it’s FREE.

It is based on the revolutionary Pixel Cents pricing method, where every pixel has a value… in cents.

pixel…cents….get it? 🙂

Once you enter in the longest size of the image in pixels or inches, centimeters and resolution – the app by default will give you the industry average price. You can scroll to the left to get the industry low, and the right to get the industry high.

The pricing data was collected from resources from around the world and then simplified using the Pixel Cents method.

It has been said that the pricing method is “Going to save the industry” and is currently being used by photographers in 22 countries around the world!

For a deeper dive into the pricing methodology, read Melissa’s recently published article in Gallerie magazine: The Future of Pricing Photography

And don’t forget to check out the demo:

Price a photo App Demo


Once you get the app, check out how to save it to your homescreen!


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