Do You Have to do In-Person Sales to be Successful?

Do In-Person Sales freak you out a bit? Are you wondering if “IPS” is the only way?

Is In-person Sales the only way to make money in photography?


Sweet! These thoughts are for you!

In a recent Live Q&A in the Pixel Cents Prime facebook group, a photographer wrote this:

I’ve been in business for a few years and have been selling digitals. I have thought about selling more products, but the idea of in-person sales freaks me out. I’m not a sales person!! Is it the only way to make good money in this industry?

This is an excellent question and I take some time to explore In-person sales and give you my take on the whole  IPS “trend-but-not-really-a-trend”. You can watch the video on youtube, or keep scrolling for the podcast version.

And if you have time for more reading on IPS – check out “3 things you can do to transition into IPS

Do you have to do In-Person Sales to Be Successful?

Key Takeaways 

Why “In Person Sales” is not new

When IPS makes no sense for your business model

What “In Person Sales” should really be called

Why your clients might think you’re a worse photographer than you really are!




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