Learn to Value Your Time So
You Can Avoid or Ditch
That "Day Job"
Goodbye Pricelist. Hello Pricing Strategy.
• Learn the lowest price you can charge
for a product before it starts to lose money.
Know Your Minimum Price
• Learn the suggested retail you should charge
based on your time, cost of goods sold and
experience in the industry.
Get the Suggested Retail
• Identify products in your product line with a
"low perceived value" (products that cost too much
to produce for what a client is willing to pay).
Develop a Smart Product Line
Your Cost of Doing Business. On Steroids.
• Create a detailed personal budget so you know
your pricing is based on what you
need to make a fair and reasonable living.
Your Dream Salary
• How to do in-person sales for your wedding
clients - the very next day
• Step-by-step process for selling wedding albums • How to leverage your strengths • Why competing on value is better for
Photographer Take-aways
• Calculate your gross revenue goal, minimum sale
daily cost of doing business and hourly billing rate to
the penny.
Your Most Important Numbers
The Big Picture for Your Success
• Learn how many customers you need
for each type of session to meet your goals.
How Many Customers to be Profitable
• Be confident that your desired business style
(low volume, high volume etc.) is aligned
with your pricing strategy.
Check Your Business Model
• See sessions or services that don't fit with
your business model (ex. headshots for low volume
biz) and choose whether to still offer them.
Identify Unprofitable Sessions
Your Business at a Glance
• See Hours per week and Hourly Billing Rate, Hourly
and Daily Cost of Doing Business.
Track Income and Expenses
• Compare your business budget to the
Professional Photographers of America
Benchmarks for each expense category.
Be Competitive
• Set and track minimum, monthly and quarterly
sales and expenses so you can focus on
what will make you more money.
Focus on What will Make You Money
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