The Revolutionary Pricing Method. Explained.
The Future of Pricing Photography.
•Get a brief explanation of past-business
practices, and why they need to change to keep
up with the times.
Know the Past. Plan for the Future
• Get the formula and learn how to use it so
you can confidently price any photo.
The Pixel Cents Formula
• Learn the 5-step proposed industry standard for
selling digital files.
Proposed Industry Standard
Business Strategies to Boot.
• Educate your clients by communicating the
value of a digital file with our written description.
Get With the Times
• Review 3 options for sustainable sales including
digital only for portraits and an updated traditional
sales model for portrait photographers.
Sustainable Sales Strategies
• Learn how to handle the most common questions
about digital files from your clients and help them
understand the value of your work.
Answers to Client FAQs
• Pricing digitals for portrait and
wedding photographers.

• Digitals vs. prints - what
should you sell.

• Pricing commercial work.

• Image release form example.
• Digital file purchase policy

• Pricing digitals for portrait and
wedding photographers.

• Copyright info and resources.

• Fine-art pricing.
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