Wondering what all the fuss is about?
Read about the pricing method that has
been called "brilliant" and "the new
industry standard" by photographers
around the world.
The Revolutionary Photo
Pricing Method.
The Future of Pricing Photography.

The Past. The Future.

Melissa gives a brief explanation of past-business practices, and why they need to change to keep up with the times. 

Proposed Industry Standard.

A 5-step proposed industry standard for selling digital files is explained in detail. 

Increase Your Confidence.

Feel confident communicating the value of a digital file with our written description. Just copy and put it in your own words!

What's inside
Born out of frustration from
unhappy clieints, Melissa was
determined to find a way to
price her files in a sustainable,
methodical way

What started as a solution for
wedding and portrait photographers,
has gone on to revolutionize pricing
in the entire photographic industry.

Melissa Welsh, a national award
winning photographer, will show
you how to quickly price any photo
with confidence in Pixel Cents:
The Solution to Selling Digital
Files for Photographers
Around the World.
.00 $25 e-book
+ shipping .00 $25 paperback
what photographers are saying

"Holy Sh*t… Great stuff!

Solid, understandable and informative, Pixel Cents is well laid out and flows nicely through the industries. The CPPx concept provides a much-needed solution for both portrait and commercial photographers. Spectacular work!"


~ Craig Minielly, Nikon Ambassador, Aura Photographic

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