Saving the Price A Photo App on Your Home Screen

So you grabbed the free app! Sweet! Now let me help you save the icon on your home screen so you don’t have to go looking for it the next time you need pricing help.

The first step is, using your iphone go to

When the site loads, you’re going to want to touch the “share” button

pixel cents price a photo free app

And then scroll right until you find the “Add to Home Screen” button and press it.

Pixel Cents App

Next, a new page will pop up and will give you the option to change the name of the app on your screen. I’d go with Pixel Cents or Price a photo – but you could also choose pick or pizza too!Pixel Cents Price a Photo App

And there you go. Wa la! You should now see the FREE Price-a-photo app on your home screen for the next time you need it!

free photo pricing app

Don’t have the app yet? Get it for free here!


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