How to Raise My Photography Prices

Actually raising your prices

So, you’ve just finished up the hard work. You’ve updated your cost of doing business, learned about non-billable hours, set intentions for when you actually want to be working and then finally revised your price list with numburu. And it looks like, in order to meet your financial and lifestyle goals – you need to….

Raise your prices!

Yikes! I’m feeling the stress and anxiety already!

It’s such a scary thing to do – at any point in your career. If you in your early years, you’re less confident in your work and wonder if you’re worth it. If you’re established, you worry about rocking the boat, upsetting your base. Most of the stress and anxiety over raising your prices comes from fear.

Do you know what the best tool is for combating that fear?


And how do you build confidence?

Well by really knowing your numbers of course! (You knew that though, didn’t you?)

Recently, in one of the LIVE Q&A’s in the Pixelcents Facebook Group, the topic of raising prices came up. Specifically, a member asked:

How should I handle the actual raising of my prices if there is a substantial bump from where I am now?

This is a fantastic question, one that I think a lot of photographers mull over. So, I had a great idea. What if every week, I took a question like this from our LIVE Q&A and shared it with the rest of you?

So here it is! A quick 6 min snippet from that LIVE Q&A session and what is also the first episode of my new podcast “Photogreneur”.

Key Takeaways

  • options depending on the % of your price increase
  • how to “own it” (your new prices)
  • what you can do to help support your new prices


How to Handle Raising Your Prices When You Have an Established Clientele


How to raise my photography prices

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