Seminars and Workshops

We have a team of qualified Pixel Cents instructors ready to teach you and your photography community what they need to know to build a sustainable digital photography business. We offer 1.5 hour seminars up to multi-day workshops. Please contact us if you would like book us for your next event.

Seminar – Belgium November 2015

Seminar – Saskatoon, SK Canada November 2015

Seminar – Vancouver, BC Canada March 2016

Seminar – Victoria, BC Canada April 2016

Webinar – Professional Photographers of Canada – May 10, 2016

Workshop – Pricing YOUR Photography – Victoria, BC Canada – June 5, 2016REGISTER HERE


Pixel Cents is the solution for all those photographers struggling with the best way to sell digital files. It has the answer for those long-time pros who are wondering if they should be selling files in their portrait business; and is the answer for emerging pros who are wondering how to make a living in this business.

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