How to Set up a Payment Plan That Will Help Your Clients Say YES!

Could you make it easier for your clients to buy?

I remember the first time I ever considered offering a payment plan to my photography clients. Lucky for me, it was in my first year of business. I saw Andrew Simpson give a presentation and I remember him saying “Make it easy for your clients to buy”. That’s when I set up my first payment plan for my wedding clients…and I never really thought about it again.

Then, a couple of years ago when I was making changes in my business, I asked myself…“Could I make it EASIER for people to buy?

setting up a payment plan for professional photography

This family needs help! Make it easy for them to buy! Just kidding – this is actually my family…but honestly, if we were going to make an investment into family photography, it would be a million times easier for us to spend a few thousand dollars, if we didn’t have to pay in full, right now, today!

Would it help with my portrait sales? My commercial sales?

I wondered.

So I made some changes…and guess what? It did help. In a pretty major way.

In a recent LIVE Q&A in the Pixelcents Prime facebook Group, I was asked about how I handle payment plans in my business…and so, I thought I would share with you too!

Key Takeaways:

  • When to deliver the product
  • Whether you should offer them to commercial clients
  • Why payment plans can stop you from starving in February
  • A mistake I made that you can avoid, making your life easier!

And when you’re done listening, if this is new to you, feel free to download our 5 Steps to Setting Up a Payment Plan.

Photogreneur Podcast Ep.02 – How I handle a payment plan in my business



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