On the Pixelcents Business Platform:

I’ve never met Melissa but she provided extraordinary guidance when I was at a loss for which direction to go. Several months ago, I was contacted by a design firm in Germany that was interested in licensing a photo that was posted in a blog entry. Having no experience in either stock photography or image licensing, I researched the internet. That research caused even more confusion as there is such a range of suggested prices for licensing of images. Finally, I found Melissa and Pixel Cents. Melissa walked me through her easy to understand pricing formula. Every time I had a question she freely offered advice and suggestions. Both Melissa and Pixel Cents are great resources for any photographer. Thank you Melissa!” ~ Cecilia Clark

Pixel Cents Software is absolutely amazing. With very little effort it helped me to know my numbers and understand my business like never before.The founder, Melissa Welsh is my HERO!” ~ Ron Hare

The timing could not have been better for this program! I’ve been a commercial and editorial photographer for 16 years and every 12 months sit down to re-assess my personal and business financial goals. Working through the program gave me a clear and comprehensive overview of where my business is at now, and where I can take it over the coming years. I now have more confidence in presenting my pricing to my clients, and best of all I can see that what I thought was a ‘dream’ income is in fact achievable with some adjustments to my existing pricing model. The sections were easy to follow and Melissa includes some great additional ideas and things to consider in the video segments. I would highly recommend the program for both new photographers and seasoned pros.” ~ Heather Goldsworthy

Melissa, I just can’t thank you enough for this system! It has been incredible. Easy to understand but as detailed as it needs to be. Boy I gotta say you have done a TON of work to be able to package and present this system in such a comprehensive way. It’s so easy to use and I listen to sections that I struggle with over and over – it’s so nice to be able to go back and really work at my pace. With three kids and a business to run – time is limited and I love how easy you’ve made this. It really has come at the right time for me in my business. I can’t imagine the work you put into this program and the resistance you would have faced while you managed your own home and business. I have great respect for you and the quality of the Pixelcents program.” ~ Jeff Noon

I have just completed on-boarding the program and am feeling more empowered than ever! I have come away with a much better understanding of my business. The knowledge I’ve gained and tools I am now equipped with will enable me to build and grow a long term successful company. If I had launched my business with the pricing structure I had created on my own, it could have been years before I recognized that my pricing was the reason I wasn’t reaching my financial goals. I’m excited for the future of my company and much more confident moving forward. Thank-you so much Melissa!!” ~ Amanda Haddow

On Speaking/Teaching:

“Melissa is probably the only speaker I’ve seen that made ‘numbers’ interesting and easy to understand!” ~ Marlene Fast, HLM, MPA, SPA, F/Ph.

Every photographer needs to see this presentation. For a very ‘dry’ subject (no one likes to talk figures and money) – she gave great clarity to a subject I have heard

frequently. The best one I’ve seen on that topic!” ~ Prairie Creatives Attendee 2017

Melissa is a bundle of energy and that was refreshing. Her methodical approach to pricing teaches the WHY, not just the WHAT photographers should charge. I love the ‘working back from your goal’ to figure out what you need to make/hour to sustain that goal. It is extremely tough to make a dry numbers subject sound interesting. Melissa pulled it off wonderfully. Kudos to Melissa for all her research and practical delivery of her findings to aid fellow business people in the field of photography.” ~ Prairie Creatives Attendee 2017

  Every photographer has struggled with pricing. I thought I had it down pact, and then I heard Melissa and she BLEW my mind. I look at pricing in my business totally different now. Her presentation will totally make you rethink your business and give you the tools you need to take it to the next level. Melissa’s energy and creativity make it so much fun to learn. She is open, friendly, and honest with you. I am recommending her for every type of photographer. Whether you’ve been in business for 10 years or just starting out, her presentation is for you. AMAZING.. there are no other words to describe it.” ~ Jessica Watters

On the book:

I think you’ve done photographers a great service by breaking down the considerations around a potentially thorny and evolving conversation. Nice work.” – Dane Sanders, New Port Beach, CA

Selling digital files is and always will be a controversial issue as Melissa says. But, as one photographer figures out his or her true cost of doing business, one will understand the VALUE of this “product” and realize that not pricing the files accordingly is not a sustainable business model. Melissa, is providing a solution that will definitely bring light and tools to make sure you get paid according to the VALUE of your work, expertise and talent. I think this is a much-needed book and it will help serious photographers make a decent living.” – Andre Amyot, Businesscoach, www.photocoach.com

Holy Sh*t… Great stuff! Solid, understandable and informative, Pixel Cents is well laid out and flows nicely though the industries. The CPP concept provides a much needed solution for both portrait and commercial photographers. Spectacular work!” – Craig Minielly, Aura Photographic, www.auraphotographics.com

I would encourage all photographers serious about their businesses to read this book. Melissa has developed an excellent method of getting over the issue of selling digital files to customers, not only without devaluing current products but also adding to the value of your current sales. I have always avoided selling digital files but it is getting increasingly difficult nowadays to sell only physical products to the majority of my customers. This is a great model to work to and I can see huge benefits to my business. In fact maybe it should be an industry standard (for the sake of the photographic industry).” – Gregor Menzies, Azuare Photography, Dundee, Scotland

Well it is that time of year when I rethink my pricing/ marketing so I went back to read Pixel Cents.  It made a lot of ‘cents’ to me!  I love the strategy as well as how to answer client questions!  No more ‘sad face’ from my clients as I will use the guide to price my files along with printed products for a win win!  Thanks for creating such a logical approach to selling digital image files!” – Louise Vessey, Light and Vision, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

If you’re not at least thinking about the right way to charge for your digital files – you’re missing out on a critical revenue stream and providing a product that your clients are demanding. Melissa’s got the experience and the formula to make sure you get this done right. A win-win solution for your clients and your bottom-line.” – Ryan Oakley, Photographer, Blogger: Photography On the Side, BC, CANADA

Pixel Cents” is written clearly and brings a better understanding of the tension between the established pros and the “newbies”.  It will certainly help photographers who are new to the industry to understand the value of their files, what they are giving away and proposes a good working model for how to price their digital files, since the digital era is here to stay and clients want “their” files.” – Melanie Dreyer, Photographer, BC, CANADA

Pixel Cents seriously looks fantastic, flows well and has all the info you need without becoming overwhelming. Every time I had a question pop into my mind Melissa answered it in one of the asides or inserts.Well done.
 – Heather Goldsworthy, Photographer, ON, CANADA
Melissa, You are my hero! Your book “Pixel Cents” is very informative. I love how you explained the difference between prints vs. files when you wrote “A digital file is fleeting…you have to go and find it….a printed photograph can find its place in a home for an entire generation…which of these is the most suitable product for such an important possession.”  Thank you! Kathy Kupka, Kathy Kupka Photography, VA, USA



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