Industry Standard Photo Pricing at Your
Finger Tips
Photo Pricing. Simplified.
• We have collected pricing data from around the
world giving you instant access to a range
photo prices.
Saving You Time
• Using our proprietary algorithm, calculate the low,
high and average price for all types of photo use.
Every Pixel Has a Value
• Use the same pricing method for advertising,
editorial, corporate and personal photo use.
No More Confusion
Quick & Effortless
• Choose the type of photo use. Type in the longest
side of the image in pixels and instantly get the
industry average price.
Easy to Use
• Feel great communicating your prices to your
clients knowing they are based on industry
Increase Your Confidence
• Add in your pre or post-production fees and
discounts for multiple licenses.
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A Business Plan. You Know You Need One.
• Define who your customers are, your unique selling
proposition, your marketing channels and more...
Plan out Your Marketing Strategy
• Write out your mission statement, vision statement
elevator pitch and the history of your company
Create Clarity in Your Business
• Create all of the policies and procedures for your
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