Industry standard pricing in just seconds.
Get the FREE app that has helped
photographers in 22 countries around the
world get fairly compensated for their work.
Simplified Pricing for
all your photo requests.
Quick. Simple. Photo Pricing.

Simple, Easy to Use.

Calculate the low, high and average price in each of the 18 common use categories.

Industry Standard Pricing.

Instant access to advertising, branding, editorial and personal use pricing. 

Increase Your Confidence.

Feel great communicating your prices to your clients, knowing that you didn't just make them up...they are based on industry standards!

Save Time.

We've already done the research, just type in the size of file and resolution and the calculator does the rest!

We've collected pricing data
from resources around the world
to save you time.

Using our proprietary algorithm,
we have determined the low,
high and average Cents Per
Pixel (CPPx) value for each type
of photo use.

Choose a value within the
price range to make sure you
are being fairly compensated
for your work.
Industry standard
pricing at your
finger tips.
Insert the longest side of the
image in inches or centimeters
& the resolution OR in pixels.

The app, starts off showing
you the average price for
that type of photo use.

Move the dial to left for the lowest
price, move it to the right for
the highest.

Add a post-production
fee & discount for
multiple licenses...and your done!

Quick, Simple, Industry
Standard Pricing.
It's Free!

"The CPPx concept provides a much-needed solution for both portrait and commercial photographers" ~ Craig Minnielly, Aura Photographic, Nikon Ambassador

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