Copyright – What You Need to Know if You’re a Photographer

Questions about copyright come up all the time in facebook groups and other forums – so we thought we’d pull a section directly from the Pixel Cents book and give you the scoop!


In 2012, after 25 years of lobbying, Canadian photographers finally own their copyright. Thanks to the PPOC and CAPIC, with the passage of Bill C-11, photographers are the first owners of copyright on their works by default.


However, there are exceptions to this rule directly affecting wedding and portrait photographers.

“In the case of a private or non-commercial commission such as a portrait, wedding etc. being commissioned for non-commercial or private purposes, the person who commissioned the images will have the right to reproduce the images at will without permission of the photographer, to print as many as he or she wants as well as to post the images on the internet without limits if it is for private or non-commercial use. The person can also give the right to do the same to anyone.”

To prevent this exception, you must state in your contract that “No other reproduction is permitted without the written permission of the author and/or copyright owner”.

~ The Canadian Copyright Coalition

If you are living outside of Canada, here are a few resources you can check out to find out what the copyright laws are in your country:


The site is for the Australian copyright council and has the latest news section following copyright issues around the world.

New Zealand:


Information on copyright law, how to protect your work etc.


A very informative website, copyright basics, FAQs, online copyright registration, proposed legislation etc.

World Intellectual Property Organization

Just in case you’re up for some additional reading on the topic:

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