Wine Down Wednesdays ep.03 – Implementing a Referral Program

This week Amanda and I chat about the referral program we’re implementing in our businesses. Amanda is kickstarting her business after a move and I’m looking to launch a new photography style/service to my existing clients – so the program we’re discussing works well for both of us. If you have an established clientelle, skip to step #2.

One of the takeaways is to make sure you offer something of value to both your referring client and your new client…but not sooo much, that you lose the opportunity for a sale (you have to be strategic!)

Check out the video for our other tips!




Want to get this rolling asap? Grab our free 3×3 PSD template and a few extra tips!

[thrive_2step id=’1464′]Gimme a referral card template![/thrive_2step]




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